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Blackhawks Top 100- #36 Cliff Koroll

By Keith Schultz

We’re in the dog days of the offseason, counting the days until the Chicago Blackhawks 2014 Season kicks off. We’re going to do a Top 100 list of all time Chicago Blackhawks. It’s a fun way to pass the time and take a stroll down Memory Lane.

Cliff Koroll (1969-1980)






Penalty Minutes-376

Game Winning Goals-39





Penalty Minutes-67

Game Winning Goals-1

Cliff Koroll was the replacement for Kenny Wharram after he had to retire in 1969 due to a heart issue.  Koroll picked up an early season hat trick and he was on Stan Mikita‘s line for the rest of the 1970’s.

Koroll was a good scorer and could put the puck in the net as he’s only one of 18 players in Blackhawks history with over 200 goals in franchise history, but he was known for his 200 foot game which preached to him by his college coach and it carried over to the NHL.

Koroll was part of the 1971 and 1973 Blackhawks that reached the Stanley Cup Finals but came up short both times to the hands of the Montreal Canadiens with 71 being the biggest heartbreaker of them all for Koroll and the Blackhawks.

The longer Koroll’s career lasted the more he went from scorer to checking the best lines in the NHL.  Koroll transformed into a shutdown forward that could still put the puck in the net. In the mid to late 70’s top scorers around the leagued dreaded the checking of Koroll.

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After retiring Koroll was an assistant coach with the Hawks for 7 seven seasons before leaving the NHL for good.

Koroll was a 200 foot player that Joel Quenneville would have loved to coach and he ends up at #36 in our countdown. What do you think? Too Low or Too high for Koroll?

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