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The Chicago Blackhawks are the odds on favorite to win the Stanley Cup.

By Sean Fitzgerald

Jun 1, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks center Jonathan Toews (19) with the puck during the second period in game seven of the Western Conference Final of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Los Angeles Kings at the United Center. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Vegas released their odds on their favorites to win the Stanley Cup Finals today. Their odds on favorite are the Chicago Blackhawks at 13/2. Second place is the defending Stanley Cup Champions in the La Kings at 9/1.

Do you know what this mean for the Blackhawks?? It means that the Blackhawks are the odds on favorite to win the Stanley Cup but it does not mean they will actually win the cup. Odds HAVE little to do with winning the Stanley Cup. I use the term little instead nothing because some odds are true. The REALLY bad teams have long odds and usually no chance of winning the Stanley Cup. Vegas seems to get that part right. The Florida Panthers are greater than 75/1 to win the Stanley Cup next year. The odds makers are right the Panthers have NO CHANCE of winning the Stanley Cup. I know all the Florida Panthers fans are now sending me hateful tweets.

The odds makers can get it right with the worst teams not winning; but predicting the actual champion is really hard. The favorite in 2013 to win the Stanley Cup was the Pittsburgh Penguins at 7/1. The odds makers loved Sidney Crosby and his team; however the Rangers did not get the memo. The Penguins did not even make the Stanley Cup Finals. The Penguins lost out to the East representative in the New York Rangers.

The 2013 Champion LA Kings were second in the Vegas odds at 11/1.Vegas was close to being right on this one, however, the Kings were within one goal of not making the Stanley Cup finals. In 2012 they were not even close to getting the winner right. In 2012 the odds favored the Vancouver at 5/1, Bruins 8/1, and Capitals at 15/2. The Bruins would make the Stanley Cup finals but not win it. The Bruins lost to the eventual Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks. The Blackhawks were a 15/1 favorite to win the Stanley Cup in 2012.

The bottom line is simple, the odds on favorite does not mean anything when it comes to sports. Odds are OTHER people’s best guess at who is going to win. Last season I predicted before the season started that the Blackhawks would lose in the Western Conference Finals to the LA Lings in six games.

I was wrong the Blackhawks sadly lost in 7 games and I merely guessed. My guess this season is that Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup in 6 games over the Boston Bruins. That is my BEST guess.

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