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Blackhawks Top 100- #28 Troy Murray

By Keith Schultz

We’re counting the days until the Chicago Blackhawks 2014 Season kicks off. We’re doing a Top 100 list of all time Chicago Blackhawks. It’s a fun way to pass the time and take a stroll down Memory Lane as we head towards opening night on October 9th in Dallas. 

Troy Murray 1981-1994





Penalty Minutes-707

Game winning goals-29





Penalty Minutes-145

Game Winning Goals-1

When you see pictures Troy Murray it’s weird seeing someone else besides Jonathan Toews wearing #19 but Murray wore it for a long time in Chicago and did it very well.  Murray was a serious 2 way center that could lay down a devasting hit at anytime which was the perfect compliment #2 center after Denis Savard‘s Top line.

Another thing about Murray and Toews both wearing #19 is they both have won the Selke trophy which shows how much both players were great for 200 feet of ice. Murray had one tremendous season offensivley when he was paired up with a young offensive Ed Olzcyk.  Murray’s 1985-86 season was his greatest by far scoring 45 goals and 54 assists for 99 points.

Murray like the rest of the 80’s Blackhawks couldn’t get past the Vancouver Canucks in 82 or the Edmonton Oilers in the late 80’s but he was part of one of the most exciting teams of the era that could score, hit, fight, or make the Stadium louder than anyone in the NHL.

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Murray got traded away from the Blackhawks in 1991 then traded back and was a journeyman the rest of his career which ended with a Stanley Cup with the Colorado Avalanche in his final season.

Since retirement Murray has been one of the best color man in the NHL covering the Blackhawks on the radio with the great John Wiedeman. Murray is fantastic on the radio and was a great Blackhawk for many seasons.

What do you think? Too high or Too low for Troy Murray?

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