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Blackhawks Top 100- #24 Eric Nesterenko

By Keith Schultz

Eric Nesternko- {Picture Courtesy of

We’re counting the days until the Chicago Blackhawks 2014 Season kicks off. We’re doing a Top 100 list of all time Chicago Blackhawks. It’s a fun way to pass the time and take a stroll down Memory Lane as we head towards opening night on October 9th in Dallas.

Eric Nesterenko (1956-1972)





Penalty Minutes-1,012





Penalty Minutes-102

Stanley Cup-1

Nesterenko came to the Blackhawks after an unsuccessful few season with the Toronto Maple Leafs and the move to Chicago was one of the best moves for both Nesterenko and the Blackhawks.

Nesterenko wasn’t the best offensive player but he was a great defensive forward with a big body that wasn’t afraid of anyone he was playing against.  Toronto held him back but Chicago let him do what he wanted on and off the ice and his game thrived.

His biggest on ice achievement of course came in 1961 when the team broke a 23 year drought of not winning the Stanley Cup when a young Blackhawks team hoisted it after upsetting the Detroit Red Wings.

Nesterenko played on a line with

Tod Sloan


Ron Murphy

in 61 for one of his best years of his career scoring 19 times and adding 19 assists. Nesterenko was a solid double digit scorer that was tough nosed to play against for 200 feet otherwise known today as a

Joel Quenneville


Nesterenko admitted that he was far more talented in the early 60’s then in the late 60’s and early 70’s but that expansion had deluted the NHL so much that even with his diminshed skills he played better later in his career than during his early years in the league.

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Nesterenko was not a featured player in 71 but he was member of the team that should have won the Cup that year if they could have held on to that third period lead in Game #7 of the Stanley Cup Finals at Chicago Stadium a task we all know they didn’t accomplish.

Nesterenko would call it quits the next season but if you read his story he was involved in a lot of other things off the ice and was always a very interesting character.

Nesterenko is only one of four Blackhawks to every lace them up over 1,000 times wearing a Blackhawks jersey and he’s #24 in our countdown of greatest Blackhawks players of all-time! What do you think? Too high or Too low for Nesterenko?

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