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The Blackhawks Lose 3-2 In Detroit According To Radio

By Keith Schultz

Sep 23, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks goalie Scott Darling (33) makes a save during the third period against the Detroit Red Wings at the United Center. Chicago won 2-1 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Blackhawks lost 3-2 in Detroit on Thursday night a game probably nobody wanted to see anyways but it is 2014 and although it will be replayed sometime in the next couple days on NHL Network is really that hard to even have a live stream of  a game in 2014?

Here is some quick hits from the game

1. The game was delayed 45 minutes because the Blackhawks plane was unable to function properly.  The Hawks basically went from the plane to the Joe and to the ice in a mad scramble that obviously hurt the Hawks with them only able to manage 5 shots in the first period.

2. It wasn’t until the end of the first period that anyone without a functioning radio could listen to the game.  87.7Fm fixed their radio stream pretty quickly and of course accidents happen but there should be televised games even in the preseason.  This  is why hockey still hasn’t got passed little brother status to the other big sports.

3. Bryan Bickell scored and Troy Murray and John Wiedeman couldn’t stop talking about how much faster and slimmer Bickell looked on the ice which could be a huge lift for the Blackhawks and especially the third line.  Bickell was obviously hurt last year during the regular season so a healthy regular season could lead to a career season for Bickell.

4. The Blackhawks for a rare night were out shot badly by the opposing team, but no worries this was the Blackhawks B team at best.

5. Antti Raanta stopped 20 of 21 shots he faced in the first period and a half of action that he was on the ice. Not to shabby.

6. Garret Ross scored in the final minute in the too little too late category.

7. The Blackhawks will be home tomorrow night and with Joel Quenneville promising some cuts this weekend expect more B team Friday night against the New York Rangers at the United Center.

Hopefully the Blackhawks plane will be able to pass all the pre-flight checks and get out of Detroit ASAP!!!

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