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4th Line Battle: Mashinter the Enforcer Vs Morin the Scorer

By Josh Brink
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While skating at 6-foot-1, 192 pounds, Jeremy Morin does not fill the enforcer role as well as Brandon Mashinter would. However, the Blackhawks talent who has been developing within the farm system had a stint of 24 games in the NHL during the 2013-14 season and 2 more games during the 2013-14 NHL Playoffs on the 4th line. He was able to score 5 goals and assist on 6 other goals during those 24 games and provided a late season spark for the team heading into the playoffs. He possesses a scrappy style of play and has a knack for getting the puck in the dirty areas (both behind the net and in front), finishing with a nice shot.  Hopefully he will be able to carry over that same gritty play this season if he makes the final cut, as he is expected to do currently.

Andrew Shaw, another gritty player on the Chicago Blackhawks has also taken notice to his similar style of play. When asked about Jeremy Morin, Andrew Shaw stated, “He likes getting into the dirty areas, he likes doing work, likes going to the net and taking the puck to the net,” said Shaw. “I have a good feeling he’s going to be pretty successful this year.” (Quote courtesy of Scott King with Andrew Shaw is the perfect player to emulate when looking to catch the eye of Joel Quenneville. Jeremy Morin should study Shaw’s play along with Captain Toews and continue to develop his skill-set. In return he could earn a open spot along the 4th line. We still have some more games to evaluate but I think coach Q will give him his shot and it will only be his to lose.

Keep these two under your radar for the rest of the preseason and monitor how they play. They should both make the roster but nothing is ever guaranteed in the NHL. It is always good to see some competition for the final roster spots and depth among the farm.

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