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The NHL gets it right with Slava Voynov.

By Sean Fitzgerald

Oct 14, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Kings defenseman

Slava Voynov

(26) against the Edmonton Oilers at the Staples Center. The Kings defeated the Oilers 6-1. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We live in a society of the 24 hour news cycle. Any news involving a pro athlete of any kind is reported to a news outlets and it spreads like wildfire. The NFL recently dealt with players that were involved in domestic abuse cases.  The NFL in my humble opinion handled the case poorly. The initial punishment that was given to Ray Rice of two game was not enough. He was punished less than a bounty scandal or for smoking too much weed. The NFL thought process on domestic  abuse was just plain WRONG.

The NFL would eventually suspend Rice indefinitely after the video of his domestic abuse was brought to light by TMZ.  Rice’s actions were inexcusable and he should have been suspended indefinitely right away and not after the video surfaced. A man should NEVER ever hit a woman. The DA in that case is also a despicable human being but that is not the issue.

Professional Sports and College sports to a lesser extent influence so much of today’s society. That is why in my mind the NHL has handled the Slava Voynov situation right. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman released a statement and suspended Slava Voynov indefinitely under the NHL’s CBA. Bettman did not wait for further evidence to come out or for the case to proceed. He saw player who was accused of domestic abuse and suspended him. The NHL is taking swift action against domestic violence and is learning from the NFL’s mistakes.  The NFL tried to blind fold everyone and state that the punishment fit the crime. The NFL enforcement of “crimes” is a joke in my mind. The NHL is TRYING to take a harder stance on issues of violence.

Regardless of the resolution of the Voynov case, Bettman handled it right in my mind. In this day and age everyone is guilty until proven innocent, it is the sad reality of the situation.  With domestic violence being a societal problem and not just a sports problem, I was proud that Bettman stood up for his sport and against domestic violence. Domestic abuse/violence is a serious issue and should not be taken as lightly as the NFL initially tried to take it. The NHL is doing their part against domestic violence.

I don’t want people to be confused, the NHL is not perfect. They mishandled the Semyon Varlamov situation last year but at least they are getting it right this time with Voynov.

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