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Chicago Blackhawks Milk Carton- Bryan Bickell

By Keith Schultz

Oct 21, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks left wing Bryan Bickell (29) during the second period at United Center. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

After about a week off, it’s seems like the right time to dust off the Blackhawks Milk Carton and put Bryan Bickell‘s picture up on it.  Sure it would be easy to put Bickell on it just for the terrible blind back hand pass in the slot that went right to Bobby Ryan and within seconds behind Scott Darling for a quick third period goal. And of course  Joel Quenneville noticed that too and stapled Bickell to the bench for the rest of the night after that play.

After ten games, the four million dollar man has scored 1 goal and has 3 assists with one of them coming last night.  Bickell was most effective this season when he decided to throw his body around which led to his only goal of the season.  The problem is that his physical play comes once a week or every other week, there is no reason that Andrew Shaw should have more hits than Bickell.

During the St. Louis Blues series someone was interviewing Bickell and he was talking about how much energy it takes to play his physical style during the playoffs and that it would be impossible to do that consistently during the regular season. Well if you look at Bickell’s stats it’s obvious he doesn’t get up for the regular season and even as a big apologist for Bickell because he’s a monster during the postseason and looked injured last season, he’s been absent for most of October.

The one thing Q should do is force Bickell to be physical by placing his big body in front of the net on the powerplay and re-design the 2 man advantage from the net out instead of the passing display we witness now that isn’t very effective.  Bickell playing well always begins with physical play!

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Bickell isn’t ever going to score 30 goals a year, but he’s making the kind of money that should be on a pace for more than 8 goals this season!!!

Bickell is on the milk carton today, who was your nominee?

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