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Can The Chicago Blackhawks Turn Their Cold Streak Into A Hot Streak?

By Josh Brink

Nov 4, 2014; Montreal, Quebec, CAN; Chicago Blackhawks right wing Patrick Kane (88) scores a goal against Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price (31) during the third period at Bell Centre. Mandatory Credit: Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

As of late, the Chicago Blackhawks were on a little cold streak. Prior to last night’s 5-0 shutout win over the Montreal Canadiens the Chicago Blackhawks had only scored 2 goals in their previous 2 games. Over the last 10 games the Blackhawks have only put together an average 5-5-0 record. As a result, there were a few changes that came in their most recent game to try and turn things around. If the differences that I noticed last night continue to develop further, the Chicago Blackhawks can definitely turn their cold streak into a hot streak.

The first thing that changed before the Chicago Blackhawks even set foot on the ice was orchestrated by a Coach Quenneville special line pairing. Coach Q decided to revisit what always seems to provide a spark for the team, a 1-2 line punch from Toews and Kane. Coincidentally Captain Toews was the first to score off of a deflected Duncan Keith shot in front of the net. Then Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane connected on a sweet pass from Toews to Kane who then put it in the net on a nifty backhand shot.

This leads me into the net presence that came alive and produced more opportunities which lead to goals. Each of the 5 goals that they scored was generated off of their drive to the front of the net. The Blackhawks were willing to also dump the puck in and fight for the puck in the dirty areas near the corners and behind the net. Simply rifling shots at the goalie with their net presence made things difficult even for a veteran goalie like Carey Price. Good things will continue to come for them if they continue to develop on this each game consistently.

Getting production from more than just the top line was another thing that I noticed in last night’s game. The Chicago Blackhawks had 10 different players accumulate a point or more while 3 of the 5 goals came from a player who was not on the top line. That shows that spreading the puck around with everyone taking chances can pay dividends for one another and the team.

If the Chicago Blackhawks can continue to practice these fundamentals they will see an increase in goals and points in the standings. The three Blackhawks goalies have been giving the team a chance each night which their great play, the team just needs to back them up with some goal support and hammer away at the other teams. The teams knows what works and needs to be done so now maybe with that big win Tuesday night they can string together a couple wins in order to get a hot streak going during the beginning of November.

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