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New Staff Writer for Blackhawk Up!

By Gail Kauchak

Greetings to all you Blackhawks fans out there! I am thrilled to be a new staff writer for Blackhawk Up!  Please allow me to introduce myself…

My love for watching sports actually started with football. As a little girl, Sunday was the only day we were allowed to eat lunch in front of the TV, and the occasion was to watch the Bears game.  This became my bonding time with my dad.  My need to impress and my natural curiosity eventually got the best of me; so I started asking questions.  “Daddy, what’s a face mask?”  “What does that mean when they say it’s third down?”  “Wow, that Walter Payton guy sure is good!”

As a young adult, I learned that my ability to not only watch football, but to enjoy it and be able to discuss it was especially endearing to the opposite sex. To this day, my husband’s and my idea of the perfect Sunday is to start at about 10:30 am with the pre-game shows and to finish at 10:30 pm after we’ve watched the noon, 3 pm,  and night games.

So, fast forward to 2009 I think it was, and the Bears had just finished another abysmal season. I was depressed.  This is when my friend James said, “Ya know Gail, if you like football so much you should check out hockey.  The Chicago Blackhawks are doing pretty good this year.”  And so I did.  And the rest is history.  I’m sure it didn’t hurt that the Hawks won the Cup in 2010, but I was hooked!  Even after the Blackhawks went lost in the first round in 2011, I continued to watch “every game every night because it’s the Cup”. My husband actually got mad at me because I didn’t want to take a walk with him and the kids (I’m not making this up).

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Ok, so I realize I just admitted I’m not a die-hard fan that’s been living and breathing hockey since the day I was born. For those of you that are, I’m sorry.  I jumped on the bandwagon but I’m here to stay.  I hope I can gain your respect.  I’m actually quite envious of you.  To think of all I’ve missed!

Come on, let’s all share the love! Any hockey diehards that want to learn about football?  I welcome you with open arms, and perhaps I could teach you a thing or two.