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Chicago Blackhawks Milk Carton- Kris Versteeg

By Keith Schultz

The Chicago Blackhawks headed to Detroit on a modest 2 game winning streak and in the end they skated off with a 4-1 defeat at Joe Louis Arena. The entire preseason and most of the early parts of the year all we have read and heard is how Kris Versteeg is back yet really haven’t seen much of it on the ice.

In 13 games this season Versteeg has 4 goals (1 stolen Trevor van Riemsdyk goal) and 3 assists on the year, but although he doesn’t seem as bad as last year it seems entirely too early to pronounce him BACK to 2010 standards.

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Last night he was back to last year’s horrible version of

Kris Versteeg

and it all started with a horrible play in his own end.

Versteeg had an open wing space and time and what does he do…just throws it to the middle of the ice to set up the first Red Wings goal. Of course

Joel Quenneville

saw the same thing we did and stapled him to the bench for the rest of the first period.

At the start of the second period there was Versteeg with Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews on the top line which didn’t work nor did any line combination that coach Q put together work on Friday night. One thing that did continue was the turnover epidemic that Versteeg started with Patrick Kane and David Rundblad getting in on the party and creating for the Red Wings.

Versteeg started it all and his stat line reads like he didn’t show up in Detroit- 0 goals 0 assists -3 rating.

Who is your milk carton candidate today?

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