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Is There Still a Place for Fighting in Hockey?

By Brian Kasnicka

Nov 9, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks right wing Kris Versteeg (23) and San Jose Sharks defenseman Marc-Edouard Vlasic (44) fight during the third period at the United Center. Chicago won 5-2. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

This is a topic that has been debated over for quite some time now, and with future NHL superstar Connor McDavid breaking his hand in a recent fight, the debate has once again been reignited.  Paul Bissonnette, renowned NHL enforcer and twitter aficionado, took to Twitter after the McDavid incident and bashed every writer who called for fighting to be taken out of hockey.   Fighting is a necessary evil in hockey.  Sure, sometimes someone is going to get hurt, but it’s a risk they take when they drop the gloves.

Nothing can change a games momentum like a good scrap.  Bryson Cianfrone, the opponent, had been going out of his way to finish his checks on McDavid, until McDavid decided to do something about it.  Had he not broken his hand in the fight, this hot topic would’ve never been mentioned, but since the future number one overall pick in this year’s NHL draft broke his hand, of course everyone is going to make a big fuss of it.

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So, is there still a place for fighting in hockey?  Of course there is.  Taking fighting out of hockey would be like talking the forward pass out of football.  It would be stupid and doesn’t make sense.  There is fighting in every sport, but at least hockey regulates it.  Just remember when Brooks Orpik put that hit on Toews last year.  Who wasn’t calling for someone to knock his teeth out?  I was livid when no one went after Orpik after the questionable hit he put on Toews.  Jeremy Morin dropped the gloves recently, as did Kris Versteeg, and who could forget good ol’ Brandon Bollig, that man is being paid over a million dollars to get punched in the face.

Fights are not only in hockey for a momentum swing, but they’re there to serve as an unspoken rule about cheap shot, or big hits.  If you put a big hit or cheap shot on a player, you’d better be prepared to pay the piper, and drop those mitts.

So you tell me.  Do you think there is still a place for fighting in hockey?

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