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The Curious Case of Bryan Bickell

By Brian Kasnicka

The Chicago Blackhawks are playing out of their minds right now.  They’ve won six in a row and nine of their last ten and everyone has been contributing except for the four million dollar man, Bryan Bickell. Bryan Bickell has been a disappoint yet again this season.

Through twenty-seven games this season Bickell has accumulated just three goals and seven assists thus far.  Don’t get me wrong, those numbers aren’t bad, if you’re making less than two million dollars a year, but Bryan Bickell is making twice that.  He had an outstanding playoff run in 2013 and he cashed in on it.  Sure he comes alive during the playoffs and is a force to be reckoned with, but where is he during the regular season.  You can’t be paid four million dollars a season and only play between April and June.

At first I didn’t mind Bickell only showing up during the playoffs, but as this whole salary cap crunch talk continues I would love to see Bickell shipped out of Chicago instead of a guy like Sharp or Seabrook.  Bickell’s physical presence would be missed, but it’s a sacrifice I’m sure a lot of us would be willing to make.

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Tell me what you think about Bryan Bickell and what the Hawks should do with him if he continues to not produce.  Could they even find a trade partner willing to take on all of his salary, or would the Hawks have to retain a portion of it?  You tell me and follow us on Twitter @BlackhawkUp for all of your Blackhawks news.