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Trivia Tuesday Winter Classic Edition

By Josh Brink
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On Thursday January 1, 2015 the Chicago Blackhawks will take on the Washington Capitals during the 7th annual Winter Classic at Nationals Park. The Washington Capitals have played in one Winter Classic previously but have never hosted the event and the Chicago Blackhawks will be playing in their second after hosting one in 2009. With several of these events that have already taken place I wanted to put something fun together for the readers and test their Winter Classic knowledge. Today I present you with a Trivia Tuesday Winter Classic Edition in which I will be asking questions about the Winter Classic to see how well you know your hockey. Maybe if you didn’t know these facts before you will learn something new. Hope you enjoy Trivia Tuesday Winter Classic Edition and if you haven’t planned anything yet to make sure you check out this wonderful event. I know I can’t wait any longer!

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