Chicago Blackhawks’ Mid-Season Woes Due Simply To Boredom.

By Zachary Raderstorf
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The problem of course, for you, for me, for the Hawks – there isn’t much left to accomplish over the next thirteen weeks except keeping pace or of course, setting it. Maybe figuring out the last little bit of whatever puzzles are possibly troubling the Hawks. (i.e. Teuvo Teravainen, Trevor VanRiemsdyk, David Rundblad) But the most important issue will be preparing – preparing to accomplish the only thing worth accomplishing anymore.

With only 40 games left in the season, with the focus turning to the post season, it shouldn’t take much for the Hawks to get going when they need to. They may not get going again until after the all star break, maybe the thought that the post season is growing closer and closer will begin to dawn on them – maybe that will excite them come late February. But the one thing that remains, the Hawks don’t need to be reminded when the time has come to shift into the next gear. They know full well when that time has come, just as they knew heading into the circus trip that it was time to send a message, time to remind the league that the Hawks are who they are – that nothing and nobody will take that from them, especially after last years third period game 7 let down. Somehow it still remains, whether they’re the 8th seed or the 1st seed, you’ll have to come through them. You’ll have to travel down Madison Avenue should you wish to hoist the Cup.

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  • If there was ever a time to fret, it’s not now – now is the time to watch the game, watch how they move, watch how they operate through the neutral zone, how they back check and forecheck – look to see if they’re ready. It’s tricky, it’s boring, all because as similar to waiting for the Winter Classic, all the attention will slowly build to the post season. It will soon be the only thing on their minds and they can finally start focusing and playing for their One Goal.

    In the meantime, winning 3-5 will suffice, no matter the opponent because it’s not about proving or illustrating that the Hawks will be tough to deal with in April and May, its about remembering that the Presidents Trophy isn’t the goal, it’s the Cup. The Hawks can’t win the Cup or even think about it for eleven weeks. So lets all take a deep breath, calm ourselves, and remember beating Edmonton means nothing – a third Stanley Cup in three seasons, however, means everything. The Hawks won’t win the Cup tomorrow, the bars won’t be packed for another couple of months, and it’s still cold as ever in town – nothing about it seems like it’s cup time.

    I urge you, Hawks fans, to remember that. To remind yourself to watch and enjoy that it’s hockey season because in the blink of an eye the post season will arrive and as quickly as it came it will go and it will be baseball season again. So before you go begging for tomorrow nights game to mean anything more than just two points, remember most times we don’t know what we’ve got till it’s gone and hockey season is just, well, the best season.