LA Kings Offer Apology For Tasteless Joke But Was It Enough?

By Keith Schultz

Jun 7, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; A general view as hockey fans arrive before game two of the 2014 Stanley Cup Final between the New York Rangers and the Los Angeles Kings at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday night during the 2nd intermission of the Los Angeles Kings vs Toronto Maple Leafs game the LA Kings twitter feed answered a question and it’s an answer I’m sure they wish they could get back.

Social Media is a great tool when used properly and the LA Kings official account is one of the best in the business on most nights, but to mention suicide is just not the right thing to do EVER.  The thing I wish they had done was apologize immediately, but instead they only deleted the tweet.  There are very few rules to Twitter and social media but one thing for sure that is an unwritten rule is not to delete a controversial tweet without an explanation or and apology. The LA Kings did finally offer an apology through Puck Daddy this evening.  they stated that they were in an exchange with fans which they do on a regular basis throughout games and their answer to the one Question was insensitive and inappropriate, you can read the entire apology here.

One problem many people have with the apology is that they didn’t do it on the forum that the insensitive comments were made i.e. Twitter, but instead through Puck Daddy only after Puck Daddy contacted them making most feel if it wasn’t for some pressure from a Yahoo and Puck Daddy the tweet would have been deleted and no apology given. This makes it feel more like I got my hand caught in the cookie jar apology more than we are truly sorry for our actions apology.

Of course the Blackhawks family is still hurting from the loss of Assistant Equipment Manager Clint Reif which we found out this past week that his death was ruled a suicide which makes the comment hit too close to home for Blackhawks fans to just overlook it as a kid running the Twitter Feed for the LA Kings on Monday Night.

If the Kings really want to apologize they will donate to the Clint Reif fund.  If you are looking for the fund information it is as follows.

  • Clint Reif Memorial Fund
  • c/0 J.P. Morgan Chase Bank
  • 120 E Wesley Street
  • Wheaton IL 60187

Suicide and depression are real issues and they effect people on a daily basis and should never be part of anyone’s humor.  Do the right thing Kings and apologize with your heart and not through a hockey website.