My NHL All-Star Weekend Experience

By Josh Brink
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I kissed The Stanley Cup!

Inside there were 33 different booths set up that you could walk around and explore. The events included: various activities shooting the puck, getting a picture taken with the Stanley Cup, buying memorabilia or playing cards/pins, and signing up for drawings. A majority of the lines were filled with the youngsters testing their hockey skills shooting the puck in various settings. The little kid in me wanted to participate in every event but there was just not enough time with the amount of people who were there.

Instead my eyes locked in on one thing I could see in the far back of the room, the Stanley Cup! After gazing at the different things that were set up I got a chance to see all of the NHL Awards/Trophy’s that were in display cases which was pretty cool. My main goal was to see the cup though and on the other side of the Awards/Trophy’s was a line set up like the amusement park zigzagging up onto a stage where you could wait to see, touch, and kiss the trophy while getting a picture. If you were brave enough like me or my friend’s 92 year old grandma you would do all three! Luckily we had gotten in line when we did because after we waited about 45-60 minutes and had gotten our picture taken the line had been cut off and no one else was allowed to enter and wait.