My NHL All-Star Weekend Experience

By Josh Brink
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Standing in front of the All-Star props welcoming fans!

On Friday we came back to try and kill two birds with one stone after eating dinner downtown. I wanted to go ice skating on the outdoor rink that they had set up and also participate in the tubing slide that had been set up. Both were priced for the fans at a very affordable deal. The ice skating was $5 with skates which lasted 1 hr. 30 min while the tubing slide was $2 for one ride. The main thing I really wanted to do was the ice skating though, one of my favorite winter activities growing up on the ponds around us.

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We made it just in time for the last session of the night after dinner and the line was very very long. I kind of thought we were going to be cut off due to the amount of people but we waited it out in the cold. When we go up to the front of the line there were about 20 people ahead of us and they came by stating that they ran out of skates but if you had your own you could go ahead and pay then head to the ice. My desire to skate with my nicely broke in, perfect fitting, and sharp skates got me onto the ice quicker because of this. After lacing up and hitting the ice I regained my hockey bearings and was zipping and stopping like I once could, kind of like riding a bike. It took my sister and brother-in-law another 20 minutes or so before people had left and turned their skates in but they made it up there and we finally got a chance to all enjoy the moment together. Once they had closed the rink and we were taking our skates off we overheard a couple that said they had waited 1 hr. and 20 min in line to only get to skate for 10 minutes which they still enjoyed. So it sounded like everyone else had a great time too. Since Winter Park closed at 11 PM we decided to head back and planned on hitting the tubing slide the next day.