My NHL All-Star Weekend Experience

By Josh Brink
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Pretty excited after getting Duncan Keith’s signature on a hockey card.

On Saturday we got ready and made it downtown around 3:30 PM in preparation for the Skills Competition at 7 PM which we had purchased tickets for.  There was a red carpet event where the All-Stars would make an entrance into the Ice Haus at 4 PM which is the practice facility at Nationwide Arena. We did not have access to inside yet but we were several rows behind the railing where the players would be walking off the bus and into the arena. I had brought a couple of my collecting cards which I wanted to try and get signed, most notably my Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane rookie cards. Once the players had gotten off the bus they were weaving from side to side signing autographs and trying to keep both sides in the action. Kid you not, after trying to get a reaching stretch I was only inches away from Mr. Toews and Mr. Kane when they passed but the kids and ladies beat me out for their autographs. Duncan Keith on the other hand was very personable and stopped and chatted with us asking where we were from and I was able to get his autograph, which was pretty awesome.

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After the red carpet event we went and had some drinks at the local Columbus Blue Jackets hockey bar called the R BAR. Not only is there a bunch of cool memorabilia from the past and present but there is an actual penalty box that you can sit in with friends to eat and drink. It was elbow to elbow when we went in there but we were able to snag a spot on the bar luckily.