My NHL All-Star Weekend Experience

By Josh Brink
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Action at the All-Star Skills Competition

From there we ended up venturing our way to the stadium to get in our seats and enjoy the awesome action that took place at the skills competition. The place with roaring and the people inside really had a good time watching all the All-Stars put on a show. The crowd favorite was definitely Ryan Johansen since he plays for the Columbus Blue Jackets and he appealed to the Columbus heavy crowd with his OSU jersey stunt. It was also pretty funny to hear the Columbus Blue Jackets fans boo Rick Nash since he was a former captain/player that departed the team in free agency a couple years back.  Team Foligno also was a crowd favorite due to him being a current player for the Columbus Blue Jackets. In the end Team Foligno beat out Team Toews 25 to 19. Once everything had concluded we took another stroll through Winter Park and tried to get on the tubing slide but for “safety reasons” the fire department had supposedly shut down the tubing slide an hour early so we were not able to get our runs in.

Front of Nationwide Arena decorated for NHL All-Star game.

We had been offered to purchase tickets for the All-Star Game but the tickets were rather pricey for the event and I figured where our seats would be it would be a lot more enjoyable on the TV at home on the couch. It was a rather exciting game if you caught it with several records being tied or broken in scoring and Team Toews got revenge on Team Foligno beating them 17-12. Overall it was a great experience and I really enjoyed the people and the atmosphere around me. I applaud the city of Columbus for their hospitality (besides the OSU fans who forgot it was hockey and not a College Football event) and also the NHL for what they put together for everyone. I already have thought about going to the All-Star Weekend next year in Nashville but there is still a lot of time. Until then, LET’S GO HAWKS when we spring back into action versus the now heated rival, L.A. Kings…We’re looking for revenge from last year!

Did you get a chance to experience NHL All-Star Weekend? Did you watch any of the events that took place? Let me know in the comments below, feel free to share your experience!

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I was a little rusty and didn’t make it but was only about 2 inches off from making it on my 3rd and final shot!

Got to meet the “keeper of the Cup” Phil Pritchard!

Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile Goalie

Crowd of people ice skating on outdoor rink downtown Columbus, OH

After ice skating had closed heading off the ice.

Jonathan Toews signs autographs…..but not mine.

Reaching out to try and get Patrick Kane to sign my rookie card. If only my arms were a foot longer or I was a 9yr old…better luck next time!

Picture of tubing slide when we went to get a run in.