Chicago Blackhawks “Let It Go” Before Return Of Versteeg

By Zachary Raderstorf
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CHICAGO- The last eight days of the “Ice Show” road trip have not been joyous in comparison to November’s Circus Trip – even though the loveable, child’s show “Frozen” is supposed to promote happiness in Chicago, it’s currently emoting nothing but a sense of bah-humbug, for lack of a better term. With that said, let’s take a page from the story currently being performed on the UC ice and just… well… LET IT GO!!!!

I can hear the shouts already and I’m already laughing at you… “They dropped two straight and worse, they were shut-outs! Hawks are slumping!!!!” Bill says… “They’re going to slide out of the playoff picture!!!” Bob says… “They aren’t who we thought they were!” Sally says…

What else do you have for us, because we’ve heard it all – can anyone come up with something new? If you’re Bill, Bob, or Sally… you clearly don’t pay much attention to hockey and even less the Hawks. These are the same thoughts and supposed worries we had back in what was it, October? Remember back when the Hawks couldn’t score goals – or how about before the Circus Trip!?

”We’ll throw it in the garbage can and come back and do things the right way”- Coach Q

Regardless, as was then, is now… and friends, it is not yet the time. With 31 games left to play, I say, let’s let it all out. Let the lost leads happen, let the mediocre efforts and bad bounces happen now – let the frustration set in and work itself out. Why you ask, because as we know, when the Hawks decide to peak, they peak and there’s no turning it off – who wants that in February? I think we’d all prefer it to be turned on in late March and early April.
But I digress – let’s talk about something more exciting…

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