How Much Would You Pay For A Vintage Antique Chicago Blackhawks Uniform?

By Keith Schultz

On the pretty popular PBS Antique road show a 1937-38 jersey from the Chicago Black Hawks appeared and it is really a cool looking piece.

The uniform was brought to the roadshow by Virgil Johnson’s grandsons wife. Virgil Johnson played 25 regular season games and 10 postseason games for the Blackhawks in their run to the Stanley Cup in 1938.  Johnson only had 2 assists during the regular season and didn’t hit the scoresheet during the playoffs but he was still a member of the 38 Cup Champs and this sweater is a pretty cool piece.

They estimated that the sweater is a museum worthy piece that could get 7 to 10,000 dollars at auction.  It has the third Blackawks logo on the crest with the word Black Hawks still two words like it was originally and the colors are fantastic.  The uniform wasn’t in mint condition but for not being stored in a museum it was in very good condition.

So the question I have is how much would you spend on a antique jersey and how much are they worth to fans? There have been a lot of cool things up for auction and the prices are ridiculous if you ask me because there isn’t much to do with it, but I have seen quite a few Blackhawks fans with great collections so It would be interesting to see what you the fans think about vintage uniforms?

The other question besides how much would you pay for this article is how much would you like this type of uniform to be the ones the Hawk wear for the outdoor games or alternate jersey games?

The Blackhawks jersey they wore at the Winter Classic was quite boring to me, but if they had actually worn the 1960’s logo on their crest the jersey would have been fantastic, but I just write about the Blackhawks and don’t make those type of decisions yet the really old jerseys are really great.

It was a great piece brought to the roadshow and as a Blackhawks fan I’ve watched it a couple of times.  Would you like a jersey like that in your collection?

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