Out Of Nowhere, Ben Smith Traded To San Jose Sharks

By Keith Schultz

This one had to catch most Chicago Blackhawks fans off guard. The Chicago Blackhawks traded Ben Smith to the San Jose Sharks for Andrew Dejardins.

This move has everything to do about the salary cap and the slight decline in Ben Smith’s play.  Dejardins walks at the end of the season and the Blackhawks move Ben Smith’s salary off the books.  Dejardins makes $750,000 while Smith makes 1.5 million a year and a player getting no points on the bottom line no matter what his value to the team in on the penalty kill can’t be making that much money in the salary cap world we live in today.

Dejardins has 5 goals and 3 assists this season can play wing or center and is 6ft 1in 195Lbs so he has good size while his stat sheet isn’t that fantastic.  In 5 seasons with the Sharks he has 15 goals 33 assists and a career -13 but he gets a lot of penalty minutes so he’s very scrappy.

Smith had some really good moments during his career with the Blackhawks including some really huge goals including the biggest one of his career in Game #6 of the 2011 opening round playoff series against the Vancouver Canucks.

As a Hawks fan I’m pretty shocked about the Ben Smith trade, not that he was a superstar but he’d worked hard through injuries and was a player that Q talked about last year about finding a role and excelling at it.  Ben Smith was good on the bottom line with Marcus Kruger and time will tell if this is a subtraction or addition for the Blackhawks.

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Ben Smith is now a Shark!!

What do you think of the Trade?

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