NHL Power Rankings- The Home Stretch

By Keith Schultz
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It’s been a couple of weeks since we did a Power rankings post and well since that time there has been some real movers and shakers in the NHL and so it should be fun to see where we think each team ranks while getting your feedback on which teams we ranked too high or too low.  Let’s get started on this week’s NHL Power Rankings.

. Buffalo Sabres. 30. player. 12. The Sabres have been bad all year long, and now they have all but locked up the worst team in the NHL position.  Congrats on being Terrible. <strong>20-45-7</strong>

Arizona Coyotes. 29. player. 121. The Coyotes have only picked up 3 points since the beginning of time or the trade dealine well it doesn’t really matter, they are actually playing worse than the Sabres if that’s possible. 21-43-8.

26-35-10. . Carolina Hurricanes. 27. player. 109. Playing out the string and playing spoiler on certain nights, but another pretty bad hockey team this year.

player. 148. The Oilers don’t deserve McDavid, The Oilers don’t deserve McDavid, The Oilers Don’t deserve McDavid……. 21-43-8. . Edmonton Oilers. 26

85. The most boring teams in the NHL for 2 decades now. . 31-30-11. . New Jersey Devils. 25. player

29-29-16. . Philadelphia Flyers. 23. player. 68. It won’t seem like the playoffs without the Flyers losing in the first round right??

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