Columbus Blue Jackets Vs Chicago Blackhawks: TV Listings, Predicitons, & More

By Keith Schultz

The Chicago Blackhawks again have hit a rough patch in the season.  It appeared that the Chicago Blackhawks had finally gotten passed their rough spot after the trade deadline and new pieces added to the roster, but we are again without Patrick Kane in the lineup and the offense is really struggling to score goals and in the end it all appears to fall on Corey Crawford’s shoulders.

Since the Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane era started the Chicago Blackhawks have been a fun exciting team to watch on the ice because they scored goals with regularity.  They went on stretch of almost 2 complete seasons without getting shut out, and now this year have already been shut out 8 times which is really hard to believe with all of the offensive firepower on the roster.

The Blackhawks need to find the offense and the kill switch tonight and get going in the right direction in the final couple weeks of the season.  Playoff seedings and home ice advantage are at stake so it’s not like it’s just playing out the string at the end of another long season for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Speaking of long seasons, the Columbus Blue Jackets have had their own nightmare season. The Blue Jackets were supposed to build on last season’s playoff appearance have a chance at getting deep in the Eastern Conference, but this year came losses and injuries and in the end they like the Flyers the other night are just playing out the string. It’s a shame for team with a strong fan base and fun Social media presence which was on display at the All-Star game this winter.  Maybe next year for the Blue Jackets, but it isn’t happening this year for the 5th line.

Here is the viewing information for tonight’s game

Game Time: 7:30pm

TV Listings-CSN

Radio Listings– WGN Radio

Radio Streaming– WGN Radio App

Last games prediction like the previous few was a total flop.  I had the Chicago Blackhawks defeating the Flyers 3-1 but as we all know that didn’t come to pass. The Joel Quenneville experiment was an epic fail just like my prediction so let’s move on to tonight.  Jonathan Toews takes over the scoring tonight for the Chicago Blackhawks being the Captain that he is in a nail biting 2-1 Chicago Blackhawks victory.

What is your prediction for tonight’s game? Please drop off your prediction for tonight’s game in the Comments sections and in the end we can see who gets the closest to being correct!

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