Chicago Blackhawks Numbers: Stanley Cup Playoff Opponents

By Keith Schultz

The Chicago Blackhawks have two games to play and they still have no idea who they will be playing in the opening round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.  The list of possible playoff matchups have shrunk but with only two road games between the Chicago Blackhawks and the finishing line it is pretty wild that it’s still a guessing game whom the Hawks will be playing.  Today we will look at the possible playoff opponents and the numbers in those match-ups this season.

The Chicago Blackhawks only need one point to secure 3rd place in the Central Division which narrows their opponent pool, but for the sake of the possibility we will open up the playoffs because in theory they can finish anywhere from 1st place to fourth place so let’s look at the numbers.

Minnesota Wild– The only way the Hawks face the Wild is if they sweep the final two games and the Blues and Predators lose both games in regulation.   Here are the stats against the Wild this season

Record-3-2 (0-2 with Devan Dubnyk in net)

Shots- 153-181 in favor of the Wild

Goals- 14

Goals Against-11

Powerplay- 2-11

Penalty Kill – 1-14

Faceoffs- 161-130 in favor of Blackhawks

Nashville Predators– If I was a betting man this would be the one matchup that would be the most likely.  The Hawks schedule against the Predators ended before the end the calendar said 2015 so it’s been a while since these two rivals have faced each other which is a shame with the divisional race being so tight this late in the season.  Here is the numbers with the Predators.


Shots- 142-120 in favor of the Blackhawks


Goals Against-9


Penalty Kill- 2-12

Faceoffs- 125-120 in favor of the Blackhawks

St. Louis Blues– The stats in this series are not final with the Chicago Blackhawks still having one more crack at the Blues in St. Louis on Thursday night.  This is the first round matchup from last year which the Blues had the Blackhawks on the ropes until Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews used some overtime magic to turn the tide in the series and propel the Blackhawks to the 2nd round.  Here is the numbers so far this year in the Blackhawks/Blues series.


Shots-124-132 in favor of the Blues


Goals Against-8


Penalty Kill- 1-13

Faceoffs- 127-123 in favor of the Blackhawks.

I’m not sure these stats point to any team that the Hawks want to face, but one thing is for sure and that’s Dubnyk has the Blackhawks number so far this season.  Who do you want the Blackhawks to face in the opening round of the playoffs?

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