Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- Nashville Bound

By Keith Schultz

YGood morning Chicago Blackhawks fans! It was decided before the Chicago Blackhawks even took the ice on Saturday night that they would be facing the Nashville Predators in the opening round of the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs.  It’s strange to play a total meaningless game in the regular season, but that is what the Chicago Blackhawks did against the Colorado Avalanche on Saturday night to close out the season.

The excitement is the regular season is over and the chase for 16 victories in the postseason is on and it’s the Nashville Predators that will be hosting Game #1 of the first round of the playoffs.  Chicago Blackhawks fans know all about Bridgestone Arena and the Keep the Red Out policies, but none of that matters and may have actually stoked the fire more because Blackhawks fans flock to Smashville.

It should be a whole lot of fun starting later next week and for now here is some morning links to kick off your Sunday morning.

Your behind the scenes view of Chicago Blackhawks Prospect Paliotta before making his Chicago Blackhawks debut on Saturday night (Blackhawks)

The Chicago Blackhawks face the Nashville Predators in the playoffs for the first time since 2010. (ESPN Chicag0)

The Chicago Blackhawks baffling play as of late makes it very hard to predict how they will perform in this years Stanley Cup Playoffs (Sun-Times)

Here are some real good reasons to scream at the Chicago Blackhawks as of late (Tribune)

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LA Kings defenseman Robyn Regehr intends to retire after the Kings missed the playoffs (TSN)

How the NHL brought the Mumps to a timely ending this season.  Almost totally forgot about this story from the middle of the season, but gladly we are done talking about it (Puck Daddy)

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