Chicago Blackhawks Scott Darling To Start Game #3

By Keith Schultz

The decision didn’t take long for Joel Quenneville after last night’s 6-2 defeat in Nashville last night.  After the humiliating loss to the hands of the Predators the question was simple for Coach Q, Who will be in net for Game #3 and his answer was typical Coach Q “the goalie that gives us the best chance at winning Game #3”.

Well this afternoon we found out who Joel Quenneville and the Chicago Blackhawks coaching staff felt who gave the Blackhawks the best chance at winning the pivotal Game #3 at the United Center and it wasn’t Corey Crawford.

Quenneville announced that Lemont Native Scott Darling will get the nod in net on Sunday afternoon at the United Center while Corey Crawford will assume the stoned out of his mind look on the bench as a backup for the first time in a playoff game that I can remember.

The numbers make it a pretty easy decision if you are strictly basing the decision on numbers after the first two games in Nashville.  Corey Crawford 80 minutes 9 goals allowed

Scott Darling 67 minutes 0 goals allowed

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The interesting part of the entire conversation is that the decision to go back to Corey Crawford after Game #1 was believed to be an easy one.  Crawford is a Stanley Cup Champion goaltender and is the reason the Blackhawks got to the playoffs to begin with.  Without Patrick Kane in the lineup for the last 21 games, it was Crawford that picked up the slack and won enough games to keep the Blackhawks in the playoffs and finishing in third seed from the Central Division.

Crawford is one of those guys that does attract a lot of haters from the Blackhawks fan base.  He makes a lot of money yet isn’t considered elite even though he’s won 2 out of the last 3 Jennings trophies and was on his way to being a Vezina trophy candidate until he mis-stepped at the rock concert.

Now Crawford is hitting a rough patch at the wrong time of the year and the Hawks don’t have a couple of weeks for him to work it out so in steps Scott Darling.

Darling as everyone knows came in to relive Crawford in Game #1 and only stopped 42 shots and didn’t let a single puck past him for 67 minutes which was long enough for the Hawks to score 3 goals to tie in regulation and a double overtime winner. The Darling move is huge for the Blackhawks and Joel Quenneville, do you think it was the right move?

Who do you think should be starting Sunday?

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