The Corey Crawford Conundrum

By Brian Kasnicka

Is there a goalie controversy brewing in the windy city? After a dismal first period in game one where Crawford allowed three goals on twelve shots and a lackadaisical effort in the third period of game two, Corey Crawford is feeling the warmth of the hot seat.  Yesterday afternoon coach Q announced that Darling would get the nod for game three saying “Getting back in the net is something he deserves given how well he played in that game.”

Darling, who appeared in game one in relief of Crawford stopped all 42 shots he faced and looked great doing it.  He had the poise of a playoff tested veteran and his play backed that up.  It came as a bit of a shock when Q announced that Crawford would be starting game two.  Although Crawford was the work horse during the regular season and got the Hawks to where they are, the playoffs are a different animal.  Darling had the hot hand and therefore should have started game two.  Keep in mind this is all easy to say after Friday night’s thumping.

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So now Darling gets the start for game three.  Let’s say he wins it and continues starting and winning.  That’s when the real controversy starts.  At this point Darling has had some solid regular season numbers, all be it was a small sampling, but solid none the less.  He stopped all 42 shots he faced in his playoff debut including quite a few game savers and turned an L into a W.  With that being said what happens if Darling proves he can play with the best of them?  Does that make the six million dollar man, Corey Crawford, expendable?  If you were in Bowman’s shoes would you trade the goalie who brought home a Stanley Cup and carried you into the playoffs the past five seasons?  This is a complete hypothetical question based off what ifs and pure speculation, but it could be a viable option if Darling steps up.  Not only would he fetch a decent return in a trade, but he would also free up some much needed cap space with Cap Crunch 2K15 looming.

I know this has been a recurring idea in most of your heads the past couple days, now I’m giving you a chance to tell me what you think of the Hawks current goal tending situation.  The Hawks take on the Preds this afternoon in what will be a pivotal game three at the madhouse.  Lets go out there and get a win and put the pressure on the Predators.  Thanks for reading and please comment your thoughts and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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