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Brent Seabrook: Chicago Blackhawks Mr. Overtime

By Keith Schultz
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Last night at the United Center another overtime chapter was written in Chicago Blackhawks history, and for the 3rd time the story finished with a Brent Seabrook goal to close out the scoring on another Chicago Blackhawks playoff victory.

Seabrook just doesn’t score overtime goals in the playoffs, he scores overtime goals in the regular season too, 6 of them to be exact.  He’s second in regular season overtime goals trailing only Patrick Sharp, and he only trails Patrick Kane by one in overtime goals scored.  Seabrook’s shot seems to always get harder and with more purpose during the playoffs.  He’s had some great goals and let’s take a look at some of his best overtime winners.

4. Calgary Flames 2009

One of the best regular season games I’ve watched during the Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane era didn’t start very well with Cristobal Huet and Antti Niemi getting beat 5 times in the first period.  The Chicago Blackhawks didn’t quit (A Joel Quenneville trait) and they slowly started to make a comeback and in the third period they tied it up.  In overtime Brent Seabrook got the puck, held it in the slot, and shot it into the goal for the game winner and the best comeback in Blackhawks history down 5-0.

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It’s great watching the old videos and seeing Cam Barker and John Madden on the ice while the young Blackhawks before winning a Stanley Cup cutting their teeth and learning how to win from behind!  It wasn’t Seabrook first overtime goal but it’s by far his most memorable regular season overtime goal.

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