Scott Darling To Start Game #6- Did Quenneville Make The Right Choice?

By Keith Schultz

Well, the fantastic week of Scott Darling came crashing to a quick end in the third period of Thursday night’s Game #5 of the Western Conference Opening Round matchup against the Nashville Predators.   Darling had been almost perfect for his week of work taking over the goal tending duties from Corey Crawford, but last night he was burned for three third period goals in a matter of what seemed seconds last night.

Today, Joel Quenneville made his decision for Game #6 and it hasn’t changed with Scott Darling getting the call to make another start and Corey Crawford stuck on the bench in his zone out world.

Was it time in Game #6 for Joel Quenneville to go back to Corey Crawford.  Quenneville is a strange guy to read sometimes, he’s a coach that sticks with his guys for way past their usefulness or for a younger player, but when the chance arose for Quenneville to put back his guy in net, he decided to put Darling back in net in a real do or die game.

I know what your thinking, the Chicago Blackhawks lead the series 3-2 and have two chances to close out this series so why is it a do or die game.  the reason is that it’s do or die is because there really is no option if the Chicago Blackhawks led by Scott Darling happen to lose on a Saturday night.  Corey Crawford has lost the confidence of the coaching staff at least in this series, and if Darling throws out a stinker what will Quenneville do then?

The problem is both goalies have given up three goal third periods, granted Crawford’s looked a whole lot worse in Game #2, while Darling’s third period goal was more left out to dry by his defense.

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That being said Darling now has to get the Chicago Blackhawks to the next series or bust really because it looks as though Crawford now isn’t an option unless the Blackhawks advance which again points back to Darling.

The other thing to look at with Quenneville is the decision to play both Michal Rozsival and Kimmo Timonen.  While at the game last night it was too apparent that one of the two needs to be in the pressbox and someone anyone with speed needs to be in the back end.  Rozsival isn’t going anywhere because he’s one of q’s guys, so is it time for Rundblad or Cumiskey? I think so.

Now what do you think? Did Quenneville make the right call with Darling tomorrow night?

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