Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- Finally A Schedule

By Keith Schultz

Good morning Chicago Blackhawks fans! The schedule which was a huge secret for a few days was finally released yesterday, and now we know when we will be watching the Chicago Blackhawks take on the Minnesota Wild.  Now we can complain about the NHL and these ridiculous late start times for Central Time Zone team.  Games shouldn’t be getting done around midnight and expect to grow your fan base.  One of the most exciting teams with the biggest star power is the Chicago Blackhawks and the NHL decides to put them on really really late so good luck with those ratings.

The Chicago Blackhawks have more than late time starts to worry about,  they need to figure out Devean Dubnyk and how to get shots on him which is something the Wild have shut down since Dubnyk arrived.  The Blackhawks need Bryan Bickell to show up against a team he shines against so now we have two more days to think and talk about the series before it starts late Friday night.  Here are some morning links to kick off your morning links.

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