Chicago Blackhawks: Experience over Momentum

By Chris Schubert

The Chicago Blackhawks are in a very interesting spot. Rest will allow them to re-evaluate Michal Roszival’s injury and attempt to put together a plan for replacing him.

Rest may also be the downfall of the Blackhawks. That isn’t to say it will be what stops them from winning a Stanley Cup, but rest after sweeping a team like the Minnesota Wild can kill whatever momentum a team gained.

One could wonder if rest could stop the Blackhawks dead in their tracks, ending this run before it really got started. This team has defied the odds pretty much all year, it’s not a stretch to say they will do it again.

For a team that has turned the switch on and off during both the regular season and postseason, it was a pleasant surprise to see the team dominate for four straight games.

Despite almost collapsing in Game 4 and needing their goalie to bail them out in Game 3, the Blackhawks played some of their most complete games all year.

There are pros and cons to them sitting after this great stretch of games. Playing the minimum amount of games in a series limits chances of a series going haywire or a freak injury happening.

It also gives guys like Patrick Kane a chance to get some more reps coming back from an injury and get them in game shape.

The cons are the stopping and starting that can happen during a playoff run could kill any momentum gained from the series with the Wild.

This team is filled with a ton of guys used to long playoff runs and what it takes to win it all. That is the saving grace for this team. Experience over momentum. The experience of being to 5 conference finals in 7 years is worth much more than a team coming in with the momentum.

Teams with experience know how to ride the waves of the postseason and know how to right the ship. Leadership from Jonathan Toews, Marian Hossa, Patrick Sharp and Duncan Keith can go a long way.

The Chicago Blackhawks have a ton of flaws. They have been pointed out all year long. Some questioned whether or not they could even turn the switch on come playoff time.

Well they have. They have beaten the Nashville Predators and Minnesota Wild. They are in another Western Conference Final. All despite every pundit and fan saying they couldn’t.

Sitting for an extra couple of days isn’t going to kill this team’s momentum. They have their own momentum generator. It’s called experience. And in the playoffs, that’s pretty much a ticket to the Stanley Cup Final.