Chicago Blackhawks: The Longer The Series The Better!

By Keith Schultz

The Chicago Blackhawks have a built up a track record that is quite impressive during the Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane era, and before we dig deep into the numbers let’s take a breath and realize how great an era this is for watching Chicago Blackhawks hockey.  The team is in every game and they make deep playoff runs almost every year.  Pinch yourself and enjoy it because these era’s don’t last forever!

When you break down the playoff games during the time Joel Quenneville has been behind the bench some interesting numbers just pop off the page so as we head into Game #4 of the Chicago Blackhawks series let’s take a game by game breakdown of every series during this great era of Chicago Blackhawks hockey.

This will be the win/loss total of every Game # during the Toews/Kane playoff era that began in the spring of 2009.

Game #1’s- 10-8

Game #2’s- 12-7

Game #3’s- 6-13

Game #4’s- 11-7

Game #5’s- 13-3

Game #6’s 12-1

Game #7’s 1-2

So as you can see the longer the series goes the better the Chicago Blackhawks record becomes especially after Game #3. The will of champion or just younger faster legs beating veteran teams, the Chicago Blackhawks find a way to dominate teams the longer the series lasts.

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Games 1-3 29-28

Games 4-7 36-13

That’s what you want to see from a playoff team and a team that wants to win a Stanley Cup every spring when they take to the ice.  The Chicago Blackhawks have found a way to win all the crucial Game #5’s and Game #6’s when it matters most in a series.

The Will of the Chicago Blackhawks comes from the Captain Jonathan Toews and you can feel that he’s about to take over this series after getting frustratingly close to scoring a couple of times in Game #3.  Patrick Kane scored once and his legs were moving for most of the game until he was getting double shifted late in the third period so look for the two biggest stars that wear the Indian Head to put on a show and start taking back the series tonight.

The record is there and the proof is in the pudding.  The NBCSN team can highlight Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf all they want early in the series, but it’s always the Chicago Blackhawks stars that take on the spotlight role when the series gets to Games 4-7!

What do you expect from the Chicago Blackhawks start tonight?

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