Chicago Blackhawks Game 6 Pre-game Speech

By Sean Fitzgerald

May 25, 2015; Anaheim, CA, USA; Chicago Blackhawks center Jonathan Toews (19) is congratulated for scoring a goal against the Anaheim Ducks during the third period in game five of the Western Conference Final of the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs at Honda Center. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

With none of us being inside the Blackhawks locker room before Game 6 of the Western Conference final, I thought of trying a movie quote and adapting it to a Blackhawks pre-game speech. I also thought of not using the obvious choices in movies like “Miracle” and the Mighty Ducks. Emilio Estevez has REALLY endured himself to Blackhawks fans with his recent tweets, so that is why “The Mighty Ducks” was eliminated. The speech instead will come from one of my all time favorite movies, Independence Day. I KNOW THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. The Blackhawks do not need inspirational speeches, but it’s fun to dream.

I would have Jamal Mayers enter the locker room. Meanwhile the speech would be playing on and the United Center Video Board. Jamal Mayers is the choice because of his great speech in the locker room before Game 5 of the Red Wings Series in 2012-13. Jamal Mayers would stand in the center of the room and say:

Good Evening. In less than an hour, players from US and Canada will join others from around the world. And The Blackhawks will be launching the largest Game 6  in the history of the Franchise.”Franchise” That word should have new meaning for all of us today. A Franchise that has accomplished the near impossible, will once again try to accomplish the impossible. Our fans can’t be consumed by their petty differences anymore(bandwagon vs. Diehard). Blackhawks Fans will be united in their common interests. The Blackhawks are fighting for the Stanley Cup.  And should the Blackhawks win the day, Game 6 will no longer be known as an a Playoff game, but as the day the Blackhawks declared in one voice: “We will not go quietly into the night!” We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate A Blackhawks Victory!

I can see Marcus Kruger, and Andrew Shaw fist pumping afterwards. Corey Crawford is quiet in the corner and Toews has a stoneface.Coach Quenneville is cursing in the corner.

The idea for this speech came from Johnathan Toews. He said that the Blackhawks will not go quietly. I agree with the Captain. After all the Blackhawks accomplished in the Patrick Kane/Toews era, I do not think anything is impossible. History should tell us that nothing is impossible. The Blackhawks comeback against the Detriot Red Wings in 2012-13 is proof that Blackhawks can come back.

There is also proof that the Ducks can crumble. In 2014, the Ducks had a 3-2 lead heading into Game 6 against the LA Kings. The Ducks dropped the next two in a row. In 2013 the Ducks had a 3-2 lead against the Red Wings but lost the next two in a row. That included Game 7 at home for the Ducks.

The Blackhawks are not going quietly into the night. The Blackhawks win Game 6 and force a Game 7.