Chicago Blackhawks: 5 Reasons They’ll Win Game 7

By Colin Likas
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The Ducks may be cracking. After his team’s loss in Game 6, Anaheim coach Bruce Boudreau said he thought his team “lost composure” for the first time in the series. That has to be music to Chicago’s collective ears. If there was one edge the ’Hawks could rely on that doesn’t show up on the stat sheet, it’s composure. The ’Hawks have shown plenty of it en route to two Stanley Cups and five Western Conference finals appearances under Q. Meanwhile, the Ducks have shown a penchant for falling apart under pressure while playing for Boudreau.

Ryan Kesler could only be bothered to talk about hits (again) after Game 6. Ryan Getzlaf blamed himself for the loss, with Boudreau saying Getzlaf’s struggles can impact several other players on the Ducks. Corey Perry must have seen the Dark Mark in the sky and taken flight during the game, because he was barely noticeable. And several of Anaheim’s bottom six players who starred in Game 1 were close to invisible on Wednesday. Also, remember how we’re not going to worry about the ’Hawks’ record in Game 7s under Q? Here’s part of the reason why. The Ducks have made the playoffs three times under Boudreau, including this current campaign. During the 2013 playoffs, the Ducks led Detroit 3-2 in an opening-round series. They proceeded to lose in Detroit and at then home to fall out of the playoffs. The very next year, Anaheim had a chance to close out eventual Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles at the Honda Center in a Western Conference semifinals Game 7, only to completely fall apart and lose 6-2. The Ducks have to be fearing their past creeping up on them, especially after suffering their first regulation loss in these playoffs on Wednesday. The Ducks are finally facing some adversity, and they haven’t held up too well under duress in the past.