Chicago Blackhawks: The Nerves Of A Game #7

By Chris Schubert

Game 7 is tomorrow night. Some of us are nervous already at the thought of game 7 tomorrow evening. The season is on the line, one game determining whether or not the Hawks’ are playing more hockey or playing golf.

This is only the third game 7 in the Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews era. All three have gone to overtime, 2011 against Vancouver, 2013 against Detroit and 2014 against Los Angeles.

Remember the nerves associated with those games? Yeah, that will come back later today and all day tomorrow. The Hawks’ have been down 3-2 in a series 19 times before now. They have only one those series on two occasions, both of them coming against the Red Wings. A rather tough task, but here the Hawks’ are in a game 7.

Tough to count out this team when they have proven everybody wrong again and again. All year long this team has been doubted, more so than Hawks’ teams in the past 5 years. Yet here they are, one game away from another trip to the Stanley Cup Finals.

They have their flaws. This Hawks’ team is probably going to be blown up at the end of the year. Old faces will be leaving and new, younger ones will be arriving. Yet the journey that this team has taken us on, however it may end, may have been the best one so far.

Nerves are going to be at an all-time high tomorrow. Remember what it was like last year for Game 7 of the Western Conference Final? That feeling will quickly return over the course of the next 24 hours.

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One game to determine it all. Trends go out the window. Games one through six don’t matter. What matters is one game with a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals on the line.  The Hawks’ have been in the situation before. So have the Ducks, and they seem to collapse under the pressure of a game 7.

The Hawks’, built with championship caliber, seem to thrive in these moments. And they should do the same tomorrow night. Enjoy tonight’s game 7 because the next one is the one that matters. That’t the one that will cause heart attacks, stress, anxiety and sweaty palms (I even have them while writing this). Buckle up. The ride is about the get more bumpy.

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