Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links: The D Word

By Keith Schultz

Good morning Chicago Blackhawks fans! The Chicago Blackhawks are back in the Stanley Cup Finals and the D word was thrown around a lot lately.  First off, the Chicago Blackhawks have made the Cup Final, but they haven’t won anything yet.  Secondly, the D word should only be handed out to a team with at least one back to back championship seasons.

The Chicago Blackhawks are now heading to the Sunshine State and a shot at some serious legacy. Sure, they have two Stanley Cups on the mantel, but you throw three Cups in 6 seasons on a resume and that goes down as an all-timer team.

It all begins on Wednesday night and although there’s a wait let’s not forget the 9 day wait for the Western Conference Finals to kick off so I’m sure we can take a deep breath and hold on for another day to get the Finals started.

Here are some morning links to kick off your Tuesday Morning.

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The Tampa Bay Lightning vs Chicago Blackhawks line by line breakdown for the Stanley Cup Finals (Bleacher Report)

A look at Ben Bishop and the Tampa Bay Lightning Defenseman before the Stanley Cup Finals (The Committed Indian)

The Tampa Bay Lightning and Amalie Arena ban Chicago Blackhawks gear in parts of the arena during home games during the Stanley Cup Finals (Madhouse Enforcer)

No matter how hard you try.. You can’t stop the Stache!! (Hockey Buzz)

The unexpected journey of Tampa Bay Lightning coach Josh Cooper (Tampa Bay Times)

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