Chicago Blackhawks Vs Tampa Bay Lightning Game #5: Live Streaming, TV Listings, & More

By Keith Schultz

Anytime a series is tied at 2-2, Game #5 is known by one word and that’s Pivotal! Well that’s where we are in the Sunshine state on Saturday night when the Chicago Blackhawks take on the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game #5 of the Stanley Cup Final.

The Chicago Blackhawks are going back to the place where they seem most comfortable and that’s all tied up after 4 games in the Stanley Cup Final.  In both 2010 and 2013 the series was tied at 2 a piece and the Chicago Blackhawks were able to win Game 5 and 6 and in the process hoist the Stanley Cup.  Now the Chicago Blackahwks are looking to repeat history and that would start tonight in Tampa Bay with a road Game #5 win.

The Chicago Blackhawks have looked to struggle against the Tampa Bay Lightning fore-check but this is the time in most series that the Chicago Blackhawks have it figured out. The Chicago Blackhawks are 17-4 in Games 5-7 in the last 4 seasons and 27-8 in the Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane era so expecting something good from the Chicago Blackhawks is what we have grown to expect the past few seasons.

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The biggest question for the Tampa Bay Lightning entering Game #5 is who will they be in their net when the puck drops tonight for Game #5.  Ben Bishop and the mysterious injury has become an almost annoying daily topic during the Stanley Cup Final.  Bishop is the reason that the Tampa Bay Lightning have made it this far so that it’s become this big of a story isn’t shocking, but the daily is he or isn’t he playing has grown old.

The question for the Chicago Blackhawks is what will Joel Quenneville do with his lines.  In Game #4 he got really cute and it almost cost him the win.  The Chicago Blackhawks only managed 17 shots on goal which is so unacceptable especially when the Tampa Bay Lightning were starting a rookie in net for the injured Bishop.  For morning skates Quenneville has put the lines back together so there is no telling what will happen when the puck drops.

Speaking of puck drops, here is the viewing information for tonight’s game!

Game Time-7pm

TV Listings- NBC, CBC

Radio Listings- WGN Radio

Live Streaming-NBC Live Extra

Radio Streaming- WGN Radio App

How will you be watching tonight’s Game #5 of the Stanley Cup Final? It’s going to be exciting so don’t miss out!

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