Chicago Blackhawks: Why Are They Great At Closing Time

By Keith Schultz
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If you haven’t read the stat yet it goes like this, for the Chicago Blackhawks in the Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane era they are 30-30 in Games 1-3 and 42-14 in Games 4-7.  This is the stats that great teams carry around with them, and that’s what the Chicago Blackhawks are looking to seal up on Monday night in front of 22,000 of their closest friends at the United Center…An All-Time Great Team.

The toughest thing in all of sports to do is close out a series. If you want a prime example look at the 2013 Western Conference Final against the LA Kings when it looked like the Chicago Blackhawks were about to seal their Stanley Cup Final ticket and the Kings scored in the final seconds to send it to overtime which luckily Patrick Kane later scored in double overtimeHere are my reasons why the Chicago Blackhawks are great at closing time.

3. NO Fear Of Chicago History

I know you are saying what does this have to do with anything! If you have lived in Chicago your whole life you know what disappointment is with your favorite teams.  The 69,84,03 Chicago Cubs all could make you never want to look at a baseball again.  The Bears teams after the 85 Super Bowl team were another set of why didn’t they become a dynasty.

The only team prior to the Blackhawks to break through was the Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls, and they were closers in their own right.  They won 6 NBA Championships in the 90’s and not a single Final series went past 6 games.  MJ knew how to close but it took some loses to the Detroit Pistons to learn the lesson.

The Chicago Blackhawks team in 2010 were looking back at 49 years of misery and yet they found a way to close it out after learning a lesson or two from another Motor City team,  the 2009 Detroit Red Wings in the Conference Finals.  The Hawks weren’t outplayed except in one game in that series but they cut their teeth against a veteran team than knew how to close it out.

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The Blackhawks could be like every other Chicago team and coward at history, but this team breaks through the history books and ends streaks that have lasted for decades! They won the first Cup in 49 years, they won the first road Game #7 in over 50 years against the Anaheim Ducks and now they look to close out a Stanley Cup Final on home ice for the first time since 1938.

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