Chicago Blackhawks: Stanley Cup Champions Parade/Rally Info

By Nick Rogers

So, once again there will be several two-level red buses cursing around the city, this is due to the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup parade.  Now, for those of you who do not know, the parade is tomorrow (Thursday) and will start along Monroe and go to Soldier Field, where the rally will take place.  Now, you may be wondering why the rally is due to take place at a 65,000-seat venue.  Due to the torrential rains, popular rally spot Grant Park flooded, so the Blackhawks chose a much more controlled atmosphere in Soldier Field.  Unfortunately, this means tickets are required, but, Blackhawks fans quite literally broke Ticketmaster.  The online ticket retailer crashed, drawing the ire of Blackhawks fans.  Tickets were snatched up in five minutes, and then people took to Craigslist and other outlets to sell them for astronomical rates.  One Craigslist advertisement had a fan asking for one hundred dollars per ticket.

Many fans were…unimpressed to say the least with the City.  The Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, declared that “this would be a civic celebration worthy of a dynasty.”  The planned parade route consisted of just two or three measly blocks, but has been widened to include more than double, an action that potentially could save the city tons of complaints from Blackhawks loyalists.  The parade route will go from Washington and Racine, east to Washington and Des Plaines, and then south on Des Plaines to Monroe and then Monroe to Michigan Avenue and then to Soldier Field.

The City was heavily criticized for holding an event in a 65,000 seat venue (including on field seats) that otherwise attracts figures in the millions.  The Soldier Field South Lot will hold TV screens for overflow fans who couldn’t make it inside.  Lots will open at 5 A.M., tailgating is not permitted and ticket holders are advised to get there early for the mandatory security checks.  Alcohol and drinking are not allowed along the public parade route and will not be sold inside Soldier Field, .  But, one question came to my mind even though I won’t be in attendance at the parade or rally:

Why not Millennium Park?

I mean think about it, nowhere near as big as Grant Park, but just as big, and from my familiarity with that part of downtown, all the local restaurants and businesses could benefit from it, as the attractions around the Lake Shore will for the rally at Soldier Field.

However you slice it (shameless Chicago deep-dish pizza pun aside) Lord Stanley’s Cup is going to be paraded around the City tomorrow, so, below are the details regarding the celebration

What:  2015 Stanley Cup Champions Parade

When:  Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Who:  The City of Chicago/the Hawks

Where:  Soldier Field/Washington-Michigan Avenue