Chicago Blackhawks: The Joy of Six

By Ericka McFee
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Tickets to Game 6: [anywhere from $140 to $20,000]

Parking: $24

Concessions: $25

Souvenirs: $75

Watching your Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup for the third time in six seasons, and the first time on home ice in nearly eight decades…


I’ve received a lot of “hate” for having been at that game, and I get it. I realize just how ridiculously fortunate I was to have had the opportunity to go.

I’ve drafted several versions of this post, but in the hundreds or thousands of words I could possibly use, nothing can really capture what it felt like to be there. I’ve never been anywhere so loud, with an atmosphere so intense, and a euphoria so profound.

The best I can do is to share some photos that I took. I was far back in the “standing room only” section, for the most part. I was eventually able to work my way down to the glass before the last few remaining players departed to the locker room for what was, by all accounts, a rather wild celebration.

From the pre-game light show and anthem to the final horn and trophy presentations, I was constantly pinching myself, unable to believe I was really there and experiencing it all first-hand.