Chicago Blackhawks: Stan Bowman’s Time Is Now

By Keith Schultz
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The Stanley Cup has been won for the third time in 6 seasons by the Chicago Blackhwks, the Stanley Cup Parade and rally was a blast, and the Stanley Cup touring of the city of Chicago has been going on for almost a week now.  The fun watching where the Stanley Cup ends up next will be cool to watch, but in the end their is only one man in Chicago that can make this happen again soon and that’s Stan Bowman.

Stan Bowman has had the Midas Touch three times now, and seems to be one of the few GM’s in the league that knows how to maximize the salary cap to it’s fullest potential, but after the third Cup and coming roster purge here are three reasons why it’s really time for Stan Bowman to seal the deal on the next Cup run for the Chicago Blackhawks and why it’s really his time to be the leader of the franchise.

3. Finding The Right Salary Cap Dance Partners

The first thing this summer of Stan Bowman’s agenda is to find some dance partners to deal with some of his bulging salary cap issues.  Bowman isn’t always perfect but his plan has always been pretty simple, keep the core, and restock with draft picks and potential stars in the making.

So order #1 is to find a place for Patrick Sharp to play next season which will give the Blackhawks $5.9 million dollars of breathing room to start which isn’t enough but will get the ball rolling.  I know people will say Sharp is part of the core, he’s been here for all 3 Stanley Cups and helped turn the franchise around which are all true statements.

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The problem is that Sharp is 33 and his stats are declining yet teams could use a speedy skater that can get a ton of shots on goal while still being very sound defensively.  This description fits the Washington Capitals and Barry Trotz to a T.  Granted Dale Tallon in Florida may take a swing at Sharp, but they pick #11 in the draft and that seems far to valuable to give up for Sharp but never say never.

Finding someone to take Sharp shouldn’t be a problem, the real magic of Bowman would be to make Bryan Bickell‘s 4 million dollar salary disappear!  Bickell didn’t even show up this year for the playoffs if you throw out his 100 hits, which really ends the mysterious Bryan Bickell playoff myth.  Bickell was great in the 2013 playoffs, but he’s not worth the money and if Bowman can dump his salary the Hawks should be A OK with their roster.

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