Chicago Blackhawks: Five Worst Trades In Recent History

By Brian Kinkade
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Chris Chelios signs wit Chicago Blackhawks (Photo courtesy of

1. March 23rd, 1999- Chris Chelios to the Detroit Red Wings for Anders Eriksson, a 1999 first-round pick (used on Steve McCarthy) and a 2001 first-round pick (used on Adam Munro)

You could really arrange numbers 1-3 of this list in any order and it would be appropriate. However, I chose this as number one because this was a closing of the door on a successful and underrated era in Blackhawks hockey. The 90s Blackhawks were contenders more often than not, but received hardly any fanfare.

Chelios being traded away represented the end of this era. It also didn’t help that he would wind up playing the next 10 seasons with our most hated rival at the time, the Detroit Red Wings. It was hard watching him lift the Cup in a Red Wings jersey.

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  • Cheli was ours. Not theirs … but then he became theirs, and they won it all with our guy.

    Eriksson put up 41 points in only 97 career games with the Blackhawks. McCarthy had only 16 points in 134 games in a Blackhawks sweater, and Munro collected a 4-10 record in 17 games in net for Chicago.

    If you can’t draft, don’t trade legendary players for draft picks. Too bad we couldn’t go back in time and relay this info to the Blackhawks.

    While it’ll take some time before we know how to characterize the Saad trade, it will most likely not be the Blackhawks’ worst trade of all-time.

    Who knows, it could wind up being a great trade for the Blackhawks. You never know.

    Go ’Hawks!

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