Patrick Sharp Traded To Dallas Stars

By Keith Schultz

Patrick Sharp and Stephen Johns have been traded to the Dallas Stars for Ryan Garbutt and Trevor Daley. There you have it, of all the trading partners we diagnosed for Patrick Sharp, the Dallas Stars never came up so there’s another out of left field trade for Stan Bowman.

It seemed like this was a day hanging over our heads since the Chicago Blackhawks lifted their 3rd Stanley Cup, with everyone in the NHL knowing that the Blackhawks couldn’t keep Patrick Sharp’s 5.9 million dollar contract on the books with the Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane extension coming on this season.  That being said Patrick Sharp was there at the tale end of the dark ages of Chicago Blackhawks hockey and he was a vital part of three Stanley Cup Championships.

The other names in the trade are what surprises me the most.  I assumed that any trade for Patrick Sharp would include a draft pick and prospect we hadn’t heard of before.   That being said, Bowman trades away another of his young promising defenseman in the Patrick Sharp deal in Stephen Johns.  I think everyone agreed that Johns was going to be the next Brent Seabrook for years to come on Chicago blue line, but just like Klas Dahlbeck and Adam Clendening the future defenseman have all been traded away.  T

he Chicago Blackhawks in return get Ryan Garbutt’s 1.6 million dollar contract, and Trevor Daley’s 3.5 million dollar contract meaning the Chicago Blackhawks only saved 1.6 million dollars in the deal if you count Johns contract.  So this means there has to be more deals in the works if both Marcus Kruger and Johnny Oduya are going to stick around. 

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It’s hard to believe that the Patrick Sharp era is over even though we have been talking about his trade ever since the draft in 2014.  He was a solid two-way offensive player that was incredibly streaky at scoring goals, yet led the team in goals for a couple of seasons even though it really is Toews and Kanes team.

It’s part of the salary cap world we live in,  it’s hard to get attached to players like Brandon Saad and Patrick Sharp because sooner or later almost everyone has to go sometime!

Patrick Sharp Dallas Star it’s hard to say!

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