Chicago Blackhawks: ‘Ex-Hawks’ Filled With Champions

By Matt Barbato
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It’s been another brutal offseason purge of a championship roster for the Chicago Blackhawks. The team has said farewell to Brandon Saad, Patrick Sharp, Brad Richards, Johnny Oduya, Antoine Vermette and others as general manager Stan Bowman attempts to get his team salary cap compliant.

The offseason goodbyes to instrumental players from past championship teams are nothing new for Chicago. As a matter of fact, there are enough former Blackhawks from these squads scattered around the league to form a full team.

I scoured the rosters and devised the “Chicago Ex-Hawks,” a team made entirely of now-former Blackhawks from the 2010, 2013 and 2015 Stanley Cup championship rosters. Granted, some of these players made larger impacts on the franchise than others, but filling a roster of 12 forwards, six defensemen and three goalies wasn’t easy. There were some exceptions along the way to fill the Ghosts of Blackhawks Past roster.

Some interesting facts:

— 11 of the 21 players on this roster play for Western Conference opponents

— Six of them will battle their old team playing for Central Division foes

— Two of these players may not have jobs next season, but are still technically in the league for the time being

I assembled these 21 players into four lines and three defensive pairings and three goaltenders. Unlike many head coaches, I will explain my rationale for each of my lineup decisions.

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