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Chicago Blackhawks: Five (More) Questions Before Training Camp

By Skylar Peters
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The Chicago Blackhawks have already had their busiest summer in recent memory, and it’s far from over.

Such changes raise many questions. On Tuesday, we outlined five burning questions that the ‘Hawks will have heading into training camp. Today, we look at five more.

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Will Trevor Daley Effectively Replace Johnny Oduya?

Best Case Scenario: Yes. And with a much more bearable price tag.

Trevor Daley, much like Oduya was when he came to Chicago, is a reliable defenseman, though his stats suffered due to the quality of the team he previously played for. Even in his 30s, Daley shows potential, and if he is able to contribute, it will be for far less than a re-signed Oduya would have cost the Blackhawks.

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Worst Case Scenario: No, and the defensive depth suffers.

The Blackhawks have had questions regarding their defensive depth in recent years, but none have spanned as far as Oduya (for the most part). If Daley can’t compete at the level Oduya once did, the Blackhawks will lean heavily on inexperienced players such as David Rundblad or Ville Pokka, and that could be trouble for the Blackhawks as they go down the depth chart.

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