Chicago Blackhawks: 2014-15 Defensemen Review — Passing

By Melissa Peterson
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Michal Rozsival 

Rozsival played 75 out of 105 games for the Blackhawks this past season, being deployed for 19.45 percent of Chicago’s total ice time.

Rozsival’s deployment was similar to that of Keith and Seabrook, just with quite a bit less time. In that sense, we saw Rozsival responsible for offensive production the same way we saw Keith and Seabrook. We can see he is not directly contributing the same way Keith or Seabrook were (reflected in a lower CC Rank and SCC Rank, which includes a player’s individual shot contributions rather than strict passing). However, we can still see that he was contributing to offensive play by being an active part in it through passing. His higher SAG ranking than SG ranking suggests he was the primary passer before a play a lot of the time.


  • Corsi: For those that are unsure of what Corsi is, it is measured as Corsi for and Corsi against. Corsi is the total number of on-ice shot attempts (on goal, missed or blocked) taken during a game/series/season. A player’s Corsi for tracks the total on-ice shot attempts a player is on the ice for. Corsi against tracks how many shot attempts the opposition records while a player is on the ice.
  • CA%, Corsi against percentage (of total): What this means is they’ve totaled up the Corsi events that took place for both teams, and divided the individual team’s total by that number and multiplied it by 100 to get a percentage.
  • CP60, Corsi per 60: What this means is they’ve totaled up the Corsi events that took place for both teams and divided it by 60 to get an average Corsi events per 60 minutes.
  • CC: Corsi Contributions; player’s total offensive contributions; adds individual shot attempts and primary and secondary passes that lead to shot attempts.
  • G+/-, goal differential: The total number of goals for (GF) minus the total number of goals against (GA). If it is a positive number, the team is outscoring its opponents.
  • FO%: The percentage of faceoffs won.
  • OFOn%: On-ice unblocked shot attempts on goal
  • OSh%: On-ice shooting percentage
  • OSv%: On-ice save percentage
  • PDO: On-ice save percentage + on-ice shooting percentage
  • SAG: Shot Attempts Generated; refers to the player who generates the final pass before a shot attempt is made (Similar to an Assist on a Goal, but an Assist on a shot attempt)
  • SCC: Scoring Chance Contribution; Individual Scoring Chance (ISC) from war-on-ice plus SC SAG
  • SC SAG: Scoring Chance Shot Attempt Generated: Passes sent into the Scoring Chance area (Home plate shaped area in front of the net) leading to a Shot Attempt
  • ZSO%, the amount of offensive zone starts: The larger the number, the more often a team or player starts (with a faceoff) in their offensive zone


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