Chicago Blackhawks: Stephen Tepper Days Until Banner Raising

By Keith Schultz

We had so much fun doing our Countdown to Faceoff series last season that we decided to do it again.  In case you’re new to the series, we’ll do a roster preview as we count down the days until the Chicago Blackhawks raise their 6th Stanley Cup Banner on October 7th season opener against the New York Rangers.

After almost a week of no jerseys or players to look at in Chicago Blackhawks history past or present, we have arrived at #68 in our countdown to the 6th Stanley Cup Banner raising in Chicago Blackhawks history.  Before we get to today’s jersey let’s take a look back at the 2013 Stanley Cup Banner raising ceremony.

There’s nothing better than a celebration and that’s what we are counting down to and here at #68 we find a player that only wore the Chicago Blackhawks jersey only one time in 1993.

Stephen Tepper played in the IHL and AHL until he retired at the age of 26, but in 1993 he played one game for the Chicago Blackhawks without hitting the scoresheet and he never again made it back to the NHL.  He did wear #68 once so we get a name instead of a list in our countdown today.

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Last year in out countdown of the Top 100 Chicago Blackhawks of All-time we pegged Ivan Boldirev as our 68th greatest Chicago Blackhawk and this is what we had to say about him last summer.

"Ivan Boldirev Blackhawks Career- 1974-1979Games-384Goals-140Assists-195Points-335-37Penalty Minutes-186Game Winning Goals-15PlayoffsGames-18Goals-4Assists-6Points-10Penalty Minutes-4Game Winning Goals-1Ivan Boldirev didn’t become a Chicago Blackhawks until his 6th season in the NHL after getting traded from the California Seals to the Blackhawks.  Boldirev played over 1,000 NHL games and collected almost 900 points, but his most consistent scoring was during his tenure with the Blackhawks.Boldirev teamed up with Grant Mulvey and Darcy Rota for a very killer scoring line and he still ranks 34th all-time in Blackhawks points.  Boldirev may not have been a huge physical presence but when you search Youtube a fight is all you get when searching him.Boldirev was really a very good puck handler which suited him well on the Blackhawks powerplay.  The only downfall when looking back at Boldirev’s career is how little success the Blackhawks had during his time in Chicago, but his scoring during his stay lands him at #68 on our all-time list."

So there you have it, Stephen Tepper and 68 Days until the Regular season begins!

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