Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- Say It Isn’t So, Kaner

By Keith Schultz

Good morning, Chicago Blackhawks fans! If you have watched Eight Men Out there is a scene (which is a part of history) in the movie when a kid looks up to Shoeless Joe Jackson and says, “Say it’s isn’t so, Joe.”

Well that’s how the fan in me feels now, and not the father of a young girl. As a fan, I want this to end with the allegations relating to Patrick Kane to be just that. As a fan, I want to cheer for No. 88 when the Blackhawks are scheduled to take the ice on Oct. 7 against the New York Rangers, when the 2015 Stanley Cup banner is raised. As a fan, I simply want to be able to watch player after player enjoy his day with the Stanley Cup. But we all know that even though we are 60 days away from Opening Night, it’s going to be bumpy ride the rest of the way in.

As a father, I never wish on any parent a situation where his or her child is involved in an alleged sexual assault. I would be crushed to have to have this type of conversation and investigation surrounding my daughter (or son) regardless of who else may be involved.

I didn’t want any of my writers posting opinion pieces on the investigation relating to Kane until the situation becomes more clear and we have more facts that speculation. But reading things has made me want to step away from writing more than expressing my opinions. Like yesterday, my opinions have been written and they are a part of today’s morning links.

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